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Nome #
Small amounts of agro-industrial byproducts in dairy ewes diets affects milk production traits and hematological parameters 69
Effect of intraperitoneal electronic identification on productive performance of Sardinian suckling lambs 67
Autonomic and sensitive somatic innervation of the ostrich elbow and knee joints articular capsule 66
Circulating electrolytes in the bloodstream of transition Sarda goats make the difference in body fluid distribution between single vs. twin gestation 64
Digestibility coefficients of crude nutrients in raw hulled acorns (Quercus pubescens Willd.) fed to growing pigs 62
Identificazione elettronica e retinografie per caratterizzare ovini di razza sarda 59
Integrating the RFID identification system for Charolaise breeding bulls with 3D imaging for virtual archive creation 58
Impiego della spettroscopia nel vicino infrarosso (NIR) per l’analisi del contenuto in umidità, grassi, proteine e cloruri nel formaggio Pecorino Romano 58
Biometric and dietary characteristics of Sardinian fox (Vulpes vulpes ichnusae) 57
Congress Proceedings of the ESVCN 54
Macroscopic and microscopic pigmentation of lymph nodes in slaughtered pigs fed an experimental acorns based diet 54
Different physical forms of one diet fed to growing pigs induce morphological changes in mandubular glands and local leptin (Ob) production and receptor (ObR) expression 52
L’esperienza di un help desk applicato all’identificazione elettronica degli ovini 50
The bilateral parotidomegaly (hypertrophy) induced by acorn consumption in pigs is dependent on individual׳s age but not on intake duration 48
Electron microscopy and composition of raw acorn starch in relation to in vivo starch digestibility 47
Effect of the physical form of the diet on the morphometric traits of terminal ileum and ileocecal valve for potential prevention of small bowel retrograde contamination in the growing pig 47
Cutaneous metabolic pathway of tyrosine as a precursor to melanin in Asinara’s white donkey, Equus asinus L., 1758 46
Blood serum retinol levels in Asinara white donkeys reflect albinism-induced metabolic adaptation to photoperiod at Mediterranean latitudes 46
Effect of whole acorns (Quercus pubescens) shred based diet on parotid glands in growing pigs in relation to tannins 45
Raw hulled shredded acorns from Downy Oak (Quercus pubescens) in the diet of pigs: effects on digestibility and faeces characteristics 44
Valorizzazione di prodotti tradizionali. L'impiego della spettroscopia nel vicino infrarosso (NIR) per l'analisi del contenuto in acqua, grassi, proteine e cloruri nel formaggio "Fiore Sardo" 44
Esperienza di un Help Desk applicato all'identificazione elettronica degli ovini 44
Esperienze sull’identificazione elettronica negli equidi 43
Intraperitoneal electronic identification of suckling kid 43
On some structural features of ovarian ligaments in domestic animals 42
Contamination with ergot bodies (Claviceps purpurea sensu lato) of two horse pastures in Northern Germany 42
Morphometric traits of gizzard in relation to feeding habits of wild Sardinian partridges (Alectoris barbara barbara, Bonnaterre, 1790) with particular regard to clast selection 42
Terminazioni nervose nelle capsule articolari delle principali articolazioni degli arti nella nutria 42
Metabolomics reveals diet-derived plant polyphenols accumulate in physiological bone 41
Circulating Levels of Total Cholesterol and Alkaline Phosphatase in Healthy Foals From Weaning to 18 months of Age Vary Significantly in Relation to Growth Stage 41
Effect of intraperitoneal electronic identification on productive performance of Sardinian suckling piglets 40
Analysis of fieldwork activities during milk production recording in dairy ewes by means of individual ear tag (ET) alone or plus RFID based electronic identification (EID) 40
Economic assessment of a smart traceability system (RFID+DNA) for origin and brand protection of the pork product labelled “suinetto di Sardegna” 40
Long term performance of RFID technology in the large scale identification of small ruminants through electronic ceramic boluses: Implications for animal welfare and regulation compliance 40
Imponente perdita di miniboli per l'identificazione elettronica di capre di razza Maltese 39
Somatic measures and chemical composition of gastric content of Sardinian hare (Lepus capensis mediterraneus, Wagner 1841) 39
Economic and technological assessment of EID+DNA traceability in “Suino Tipico Sardo” 39
Anagrafe ovina: identificazione elettronica (EID) vs tatuaggio auricolare in agnelli di razza sarda 38
Composition of the gastrointestinal contents (including counts of E. coli in growing pigs fed high tannins diet base on shred acorns from Downy Oak (Quercus pubescens) 37
Growth of parotid glands in pigs experimentally exposed to different tannin containing diets at different ages 37
Ulcerogenic risk assessment of diets for pigs in relation to gastric lesion prevalence 37
Acquired Pigmentation of Porcine Lymph Nodes: Dietary Polyphenolic Compounds as Biological Markers? 37
Sensitive innervation of the copulatory organ in Struthio camelus: comparison to the corresponding district in female proctodeum 36
Rilievi anagrafici individuali durante la mungitura meccanica in capre di razza sarda: identificazione elettronica (EID) vs marca auricolare (ET) vs tatuaggio auricolare (ETt) 35
Electronic intraperitoneal identification and DNA analysis in vivo and post slaughter in swine 35
Improved characterization of Sardinian marten’s (Martes martes latinorum, Barrett-Hamilton 1904) morphological traits by radiological investigations. 35
Combination of retinography and RFID (Rtn+EID) for an advanced imaging identification in mouflons (Ovis orientalis musimon, Gmelin, 1774). 35
Prevalence of foot disorders in captive Sardinian partridges (Alectoris barbara barbara Bonnaterre, 1790) as useful indicators of fitness to natural environment 35
Deployment of the electronic identification (EID) to the California Mastitis Test (CMT) in goats 35
Further observations on the sensitive innervation of some bird’s proctodeum 34
Biometric characteristics and dietary habits of Sardinian martens 34
Survey on aflatoxin M1 content in cow milk produced and marketed in Sardinia. 34
Strategie per la riduzione e il controllo del CCS del latte ovino in Sardegna 34
Outputs and economic assessment of RFID technology and molecular biology (STRs) as innovative tools for traceability and origin protection in “Suinetto di Sardegna” 34
Vegetable and animal food sorts found in the gastric content of Sardinian wild boar (Sus scrofa meridionalis) 34
Chemical composition of gastrointestinal tracts contents and Salmonella Derby presence in the gut content and mesenteric lymphnodes of pigs at slaughter fed a traditional diet based on ripe shred acorns 34
Effect of whole acorns (Quercus pubscens) shred based diet on parotid glands in growing pigs in relation to tannins 33
Feces quality and digestibility of a combined diet based on raw hulled shred acorns from Downy oak (Quercus pubescens) in pigs. 33
A survey on Sardinian hay for horses 33
Vegetable and animal food sorts found in the gastric content of Sardinian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa meridionalis) 32
Electronic identification in equidae 32
Influence of different types of bedding material on the prevalence of pododermatitis in rabbits 32
Measures of 3 species of acorns (Quercus ilex L., Quercus pubescens Willd., Quercus suber L.) and quail-quantitative microscopic aspects of the respective starch granules 32
The presence and distribution of cannabinoid type 1 and 2 receptors in the mandibular gland: The influence of different physical forms of diets on their expression in piglets 32
Digitalized X-ray and RFID technology for anagraphical and health monitoring of small ruminants and equines 32
RFID Technology across animal productions. Environmental interactions of RFID Technology in animals 31
Effect of a high tannins combined diet based on ripe Downy Oak (Quercus pubescens) shred acorns on stomach health in pigs 31
Results of an unproper application of the electronic identification protocol in a sheep dairy farm 31
Valutazione di un sistema di tracciabilità basato sull’RFID nella filiera della carne “agnello di Sardegna IGP” 31
Chemical characteristics of acorns' starch from Q. Ilex L., Quercus Pubescens Willd. and Quercus Suber L 31
Traceability of swine meat: an experience by EID+DNA in “Suino Tipico Sardo” 30
An integrated approach towards the nutritional assessment of the Sardinian donkey: a tool for clinical nutritionists 30
Tannins concentration and ultrastructural peculiarities of starch granules in acorns of Quercus Ilex L., Quercus Pubescens Willd. and Quercus Suber L 30
Toxic or harmful components of aromatic plants in animal nutrition 30
The metabolic profile of Asinara (albino) and Sardo donkeys (pigmented) (Equus asinus L., 1758) points to unequivocal breed assignment of individuals 30
A noticeably increased parotid gland size in piglets fed a whole acorns shred (Quercus pubescens) based diet 30
Risultati preliminari sull’impiego della spettroscopia nel vicino infrarosso (NIR) nell’analisi della composizione chimica centesimale delle ghiande 30
Morphological characteristics and distribution of the autonomic and sensitive innervation of the prostate in some animal species 30
On the bulky appliances and artero-venous anastomoses in the vascular district of the base of the brain 29
Somatic measures and chemical composition of gastric content of Sardinian hare (Lepus Capensis Mediterraneus) 29
Electronic identification of Sardinian Partridge (Alectoris barbara) 29
Digestibility coefficients of crude nutrients in raw acorns fed to growing pigs. 29
Feedstuffs in the traditional feeding of swines in Sardinia 29
Response of Fattening Rabbits with Acorns (Quercus pubescens Willd.) Combined in the Diet: First Acquaintances on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits and Perirenal Fatty Acid Profile 29
The diet of sardinian wild boar (Sus scrofa meridionalis): comparison between two hunting seasons 29
Diet prescription to the therapeutic plan for the control of FAD in a dog 29
Survey on electronic identification in Sardinian hare (Lepus capensis mediterraneus, Wagner 1841) 28
Identificazione elettronica dei bovini in allevamento estensivo applicata ai controlli anagrafici di un programma di Sviluppo rurale regionale REG:(CE) N. 1698/2005 28
Pigs use endogenous proline to cope with acorn (Quercus pubescens Willd.) combined diets high in hydrolysable tannins 28
Fatal poisoning of sheep from roots of Drias plants (Thapsia garganica L.): a seasonal risk associated with soil management practices in a Mediterranean area 28
First results about a Help Desk Service for electronic identification in sheep 27
Effect of intraperitoneal electronic identification on productive performance of suckling piglets 27
The honey bee (Apis mellifera L., 1758) and the seasonal adaptation of productions. Highlights on summer to winter transition and back to summer metabolic activity. A review 27
Variation of Hematochemical Profile and Vitamin E Status in Feral Giara Horses From Free Grazing in the Wild to Hay Feeding During Captivity 27
Pelvic fracture triggering symptoms of an underlying primary hypoparathyroidism in an adult spayed bitch: A case report. 27
Identificazione elettronica dei bovini in allevamento estensivo applicata ai controlli anagrafici di un programma di sviluppo rurale regionale Reg(CE) 1698/2005 27
Investigations on a shred whole acorns (Quercus pubescens) based diet on the parotid gland in piglets (Untersuchungen zum Einfluss geschroteter Eicheln auf die Größe und Funktion der Parotis bei Ferkeln) 27
Immunohistochemistry detected and localized cannabinoid receptor type 2 in bovine fetal pancreas at late gestation 26
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