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Hyderabad 1
Krasnoyarsk 1
Lincoln 1
Lisbon 1
Ljubljana 1
Los Angeles 1
Mexico 1
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Montpellier 1
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Nome #
Small-scale spatial variation of soil organic matter pools generated by cork oak trees in Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral systems 96
Isolated cork oak trees affect soil properties and biodiversity in a Mediterranean wooded grassland 82
Small-scale patterns of plant functional types and soil features within Mediterranean temporary ponds 72
Long term effects of tillage practices and N fertilization in rainfed Mediterranean cropping systems: durum wheat, sunflower and maize grain yield 64
Potential Biogas Production from Artichoke Byproducts in Sardinia, Italy 59
Long-Term Experiments with cropping systems: Case studies on data analysis 57
Shifts in microbial diversity through land use intensity as drivers of carbon mineralization in soil 56
Manure fertilization increases soil respiration and creates a negative carbon budget in a Mediterranean maize (Zea mays L.)-based cropping system 55
Environmental consequences of the conversion from traditional to energy cropping systems in a Mediterranean area 54
Early plant community dynamics following overseeding for the rehabilitation of a Mediterranean silvopastoral system 54
EcoFINDERS - linking soil trophic processes and above-below ground diversity: the Mediterranean LTO at Berchidda-Monti (Sardinia) 53
Global water governance and Climate Change: Identifying innovative arrangements for adaptive transformation 53
Effetti dell’intensità di utilizzazione sulla produttività, composizione della fitomassa e azotofissazione della sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) 51
Perceptions of Present and Future Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability for Agricultural Systems in the Western Mediterranean Region 51
Re-staging La Rasgioni: Lessons learned from transforming a traditional form of conflict resolution to engage stakeholders in agricultural water governance 50
Influenza della concimazione azotata e dell'epoca di semina sulla produttività, sulle caratteristiche qualitative e sull'azotofissazione del pisello da industria 48
Modeling bio-engineering traits of Jatropha curcas L. 48
Italian Soil Management from Antiquity to Nowadays 48
Combining social learning with agro-ecological research practice for more effective management of nitrate pollution 47
Nitrogen fixation of Sulla under Mediterranean conditions 46
Integrating local knowledge with experimental research: case studies on managing cropping systems in Italy and Australia 46
Multidisciplinary and innovative methodologies for sustainable management in agricultural systems 46
In search of systemic innovation for sustainable development: A design praxis emerging from a decade of social learning inquiry 46
New integrative modalities for connecting policy makers, farmers and scientists for adaptive farming management in a climate changing world 46
Global warming potential of a Mediterranean irrigated forage system: Implications for designing the fertilization strategy 46
Uso del suolo e sink di carbonio in un sistema agro-forestale mediterraneo” 45
Servizi ecosistemici associati all’eterogeneità spaziale della componente erbacea dei pascoli arborati mediterranei 45
Caratterizzazione agronomica ed ecofisiologica di alcune graminacee foraggere perenni in ambiente asciutto mediterraneo 45
Soil sorption and leaching of active ingredients of Lumax® under mineral or organic fertilization 45
Water deficit and induction of summer dormancy in perennial Mediterranean grasses 44
Advances of nanotechnology in agro-environmental studies 43
Mediterranean cork oak wooded grasslands: synergies and trade-offs between plant diversity, pasture production and soil carbon 43
Fluoride uptake and translocation in food crops grown in fluoride-rich soils 43
Valutazione agronomica e di alcuni parametri fisiologici per la stima della aridoresistenza in due varietà di loglio rigido (Lolium rigidum Gaudin) 43
Learning for Transformation of Water Governance: Reflections on Design from the Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance (CADWAGO) Project 43
Cambiamenti climatici e sistemi agrari: da "comando e controllo" a "azioni concertate" 42
Alla ricerca di risposte “win-win” per la governance dell’acqua: “action research” nel distretto di Arborea (Oristano) 41
Bottom-up design process of agri-environmental measures at a landscape scale: Evidence from case studies on biodiversity conservation and water protection 41
Dialogical tools: a methodological platform for facilitating and monitoring social learning processes 41
Un nuovo paradigma per la lotta alla desertificazione in Italia 40
Firebreaks over-sowing: an alternative tool for the wildfire risk reduction in Sardinia 40
Categorizing basic factors driving soil genesis, pedovariability and plant assemblages in Mediterranean Temporary Wetlands (TWs) 40
Caratterizzazione agronomica ed ecofisiologica di alcune graminacee foraggere perenni in ambiente mediterraneo 40
Long term effects of nitrogen fertilization on soil organic matter: application of the DSSAT model 40
Stakeholder analysis for sharing agro-environment issues towards concerted action: a case study on diffuse nitrate pollution 39
Summer dormancy and persistence in Dactylis glomerata L. in relation to genotype and water regimes 39
Dinamica del carbonio del suolo in sistemi colturali cerealicoli di collina 39
Fertilisation management and nitrate leaching in intensive Mediterranean dairy systems 39
Simulating tillage intensity and fertilizer N rate reduction effects on soil inorganic N content and nitrate leaching. 38
Can conservation tillage mitigate climate change impacts in Mediterranean cereal systems? A soil organic carbon assessment using long term experiments 38
Participatory approaches to reducing nitrate pollution in groundwater: a case study from Marche, Italy 37
Water use efficiency and drought survival in Mediterranean perennial forage grasses 37
Modelling pasture production and soil temperature, water and carbon fluxes in Mediterranean grassland systems with the Pasture Simulation model 37
Climate change and soil organic carbon dynamics: application of dssat crop models 37
Fertilization management and nitrate leaching in intensive Mediterranean dairy systems 37
Applicazioni del modello APEX per la simulazione dei sistemi colturali della collina centro italiana 37
Effect of coenzyme Q10 administration on endothelial function and extracellular superoxide dismutase in patients with ischaemic heart disease: a double-blind, randomized controlled study 36
Análisis de los sistemas de cultivo para facilitar el aprendizaje social para la gestión integrada de las cuencas. Resultados de un caso de estudio sobre la lixiviacion de los nitratos 36
Drought resistance evaluation of perennial grasses 36
Erosione del Suolo e Inquinamento da Nitrati: Valutazione Integrata e Partecipativa delle Misure Agro-ambientali 36
The KNOW project (implementing the Knowledge of NitrOgen in groundWater) implementation in a NVZ Sardinian area 36
Valutazione di alcuni caratteri di aridoresistenza in popolazioni sarde di Dactylis glomerata L 36
Developing more sustainable models of soil and water management in nitrate vulnerable areas with community stakeholders 36
Scenari di cambiamento climatico, impatti sull’agricoltura e adattamento 36
Coenzyme Q10 and α-lipoic acid: antioxidant and pro-oxidant effects in plasma and peripheral blood lymphocytes of supplemented subjects 35
Agro-ecologia e politiche agro-ambientali 35
Seed production and germination of different ecotypes of Bromus erectus Hudson 35
Response of the seed bank to the postfire recovery of a mediterranean woodland ecosystem 35
Analysis of farmers' perceptions and adaptation strategies to climate uncertainties 35
The Seed Bank Dynamics as a Tool for Evaluating the Pasture Improvement Efficiency in a Mediterranean Environment 35
Two sylvopastoral approaches for the wildfires prevention in Sardinia 35
Bilancio apparente dell’azoto e degrado delle risorse idriche sotterranee: il caso della zona vulnerabile da nitrati di Arborea 35
Climate change and soil organic carbon dynamics: application of DSSAT 4.5 34
Incidenza dell'epoca di raccolta sulla produzione di seme di cavolo cappuccio (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata) 34
Developing adaptive responses to contextual changes for sustainable agricultural management: The role of social capital in the Arborea district (Sardinia, Italy) 34
Long Term Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Soil Organic Matter: Applications of the DSSAT Model 33
Effetto del sito di coltivazione e dell’intensità di utilizzazione su persistenza e produzione in Dactylis glomerata L 33
Effects of N fertilizer sources and temperature on soil CO2 efflux in Italian ryegrass crop under Mediterranean conditions 33
What is the future for agroforestry in Italy? 33
Isatis tinctoria L.: biomass production and indigo dye yield as influenced by mineral or organic nitrogen fertilization 33
Soil organic matter content and composition as influenced by soil management in a semi-arid Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral system 33
Integrated impact assessment of agro-environmental schemes on soil erosion and water quality 32
Gestione Irrigua Su Sistemi Colturali Maidicoli In Zona Vulnerabile Da Nitrati Della Provincia Di Oristano 32
MAGGnet: An international network to foster mitigation of agricultural greenhouse gases 32
Fissazione e trasferimento dell'azoto fissato dal favino al frumento duro in successione 32
Perceiving to learn or learning to perceive? Understanding farmers' perceptions and adaptation to climate uncertainties 32
Declarative or procedural knowledge? Knowledge for enhancing farmers’ mitigation and adaptation behaviour to climate change 32
Prediction of nitrate concentration in groundwater using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach 32
Replacing organic with mineral N fertilization does not reduce nitrate leaching in double crop forage systems under Mediterranean conditions 32
Simulazione della dinamica del C organico nel suolo in differenti scenari di cambiamento climatico con il modello WinEPIC 31
EcoFINDERS: increasing the understanding of the role of soil fungal diversity in ecosystem funtioning 31
Multi-model simulation of soil temperature, soil water content and biomass in Euro-Mediterranean grasslands: uncertainties and ensemble performance 31
A study on variability of twelve Sardinian Dactylis glomerata L. populations 31
Effects of repeated sod seeding or minimum tillage and nitrogen fertilisation on durum wheat grain yield in the clay hills of central Italy 31
Sequestro Potenziale di Carbonio in sistemi colturali Cerealicoli della Collina Marchigiana 30
The nitrate problem in Serra de Conti and Montecarotto (Marche, Italy), SLIM (Social Learning for Integrated Management and Sustainable Use of Water at Catchment Scale) Case Study Mono-graph 4 (available at: 30
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