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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A 1D continuum model for beams with pantographic microstructure: asymptotic micro-macro identification and numerical results 1-gen-2018 Barchiesi, E.; Dell'Isola, F.; Laudato, M.; Placidi, L.; Seppecher, P.
Analytical solutions of 2-dimensional second gradient linear elasticity for continua with cubic-D4 microstructure 1-gen-2019 Placidi, L.; Rosi, G.; Barchiesi, E.
Bone mechanics and cell populations: mathematical description and parametric study of the model 1-gen-2020 Rapisarda, A. C.; Almasi, M.; Almasi, N.; Barchiesi, E.; Corte, A. D.; Scerrato, D.
Can a Hencky-Type Model Predict the Mechanical Behaviour of Pantographic Lattices? 1-gen-2017 Turco, Emilio; Golaszewski, Maciej; Giorgio, Ivan; Placidi, Luca
Do we really need pantographic structures? 1-gen-2021 Spagnuolo, M.; Barchiesi, E.
The effect of mechanical load-induced intraosseous pressure gradients on bone remodeling 1-gen-2019 Barchiesi, E.; Giorgio, I.; Alzahrani, F.; Hayat, T.
Extensible beam models in large deformation under distributed loading: a numerical study on multiplicity of solutions 1-gen-2019 Dell'Isola, F.; Della Corte, A.; Battista, A.; Barchiesi, E.
Identification of two-dimensional pantographic structures with a linear d4 orthotropic second gradient elastic model accounting for external bulk double forces 1-gen-2017 Placidi, L.; Barchiesi, E.; Della Corte, A.
International conference on nonlinear solid mechanics 2019: general topics and review of plenary lectures 1-gen-2020 Laudato, M.; Scerrato, D.; Tran, C. A.; Barchiesi, E.
Introductory remarks about the Volume II of the complete works of Gabrio Piola 1-gen-2019 Dell'Isola, F.; Andreaus, U.; Cazzani, A.; Barchiesi, E.
An inverse method to get further analytical solutions for a class of metamaterials aimed to validate numerical integrations 1-gen-2017 Placidi, L.; Barchiesi, E.; Battista, A.
A multi-disciplinary approach for mechanical metamaterial synthesis: a hierarchical modular multiscale cellular structure paradigm 1-gen-2019 Yildizdag, M. E.; Tran, C. A.; Barchiesi, E.; Spagnuolo, M.; Dell'Isola, F.; Hild, F.
Non-linear dynamics of pantographic fabrics: modelling and numerical study 1-gen-2019 Laudato, M.; Barchiesi, E.
On Boundary Layers Observed in Some 1D Second-Gradient Theories 1-gen-2022 Barchiesi, E.; Ciallella, A.; Giorgio, I.
A partial report on the controversies about the Principle of Virtual Work: from Archytas of Tarentum to Lagrange, Piola, Mindlin and Toupin 1-gen-2022 Barchiesi, E.; Ciallella, A.; Scerrato, D.
Preface 1-gen-2022 Giorgio, I.; Placidi, L.; Barchiesi, E.; Abali, B. E.; Altenbach, H.
A review on models for the 3D statics and 2D dynamics of pantographic fabrics 1-gen-2017 Barchiesi, E.; Placidi, L.
Validation of a hemi-variational block-based approach to the modelling of common In-plane failures in masonry structures 1-gen-2023 Manuel Torres Espino, José; Heman Espinoza Sandoval, Jaime; Anthony Tran, Chuong; Fedele, Roberto; Turco, Emilio; Dell’Isola, Francesco; Placidi, Luca; Misra, Anil; James León Trujillo, Francisco; Barchiesi, Emilio
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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