DELITALA, Alessandro Palmerio
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Allelic variant in CTLA4 is associated with thyroid failure and faster β-cell exhaustion in latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, file e1dc1a2a-b822-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 11
Melatonin and Vitamin D Interfere with the Adipogenic Fate of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, file e1dc1a2b-08a8-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 8
Serum free thyroxine levels are positively associated with arterial stiffness in the SardiNIA study, file e1dc1a2a-3af2-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 7
Organ-specific antibodies in LADA patients for the prediction of insulin dependence, file e1dc1a2a-c3d7-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 7
Overexpression of the Cytokine BAFF and Autoimmunity Risk, file e1dc1a2b-74e9-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 7
Amniotic fluid stem cells morph into a cardiovascular lineage: analysis of a chemically induced cardiac and vascular commitment, file e1dc1a2a-7913-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 6
Activation of alpha1-adrenoceptors inhibits growth hormone secretion in humans, file e1dc1a2a-4ed3-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Thyroid function in elderly people: The role of subclinical thyroid disorders in cognitive function and mood alterations, file e1dc1a2c-0ff1-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
The relationship between the metabolic syndrome and arterial wall thickness: A mosaic still to be interpreted, file e1dc1a2b-6694-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Patient affected by neurofibromatosis type 1 and thyroid C-cell hyperplasia harboring pathogenic germ-line mutations in both NF1 and RET genes., file e1dc1a2a-479e-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Thyroid function and thyroid disorders during pregnancy: a review and care pathway, file e1dc1a2c-0f2f-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion in High Bleeding Risk Patients, file e1dc1a2c-50ed-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
No evidence of association between subclinical thyroid disorders and common carotid intima medial thickness or atherosclerotic plaque, file e1dc1a2c-c6e4-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
A Diagnostic of Acquired Hemophilia Following PD1/PDL1 Inhibitors in Advanced Melanoma: The Experience of Two Patients and a Literature Review, file 0a8e6a82-ceb3-446b-b8f9-fa566b1d0031 2
Growth hormone, menopause and ageing: no definite evidence for 'rejuvenation' with growth hormone, file e1dc1a2a-3d63-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Anti-senescence efficacy of radio-electric asymmetric conveyer technology, file e1dc1a2a-477b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Primary symptomatic adrenal insufficiency induced by megestrol acetate, file e1dc1a2a-4e2b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Is there a role for gut microbiota in type 1 diabetes pathogenesis?, file e1dc1a2a-babd-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Height-reducing variants and selection for short stature in Sardinia, file e1dc1a2b-706a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Polycystic ovary syndrome, adipose tissue and metabolic syndrome, file e1dc1a2c-128c-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
A Case of thyroid metastasis from pancreatic cancer: case report and literature review, file e1dc1a2d-01a0-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Clustering of immunological, metabolic and genetic features in latent autoimmune diabetes in adults: evidence from principal component analysis., file e1dc1a2a-469c-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Implication of Cytotoxic Helicobacter pylori Infection in Autoimmune Diabetes, file e1dc1a2a-ba7c-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Primary hyperparathyroidism revealed by gluten-free diet in a woman with celiac disease, file e1dc1a2a-c3d9-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Thyroid Hormones, Metabolic Syndrome and Its Components, file e1dc1a2b-1153-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Longitudinal perspective on the conundrum of central arterial stiffness, blood pressure, and aging, file e1dc1a2b-63c2-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Appearance of a thymic mass after treatment of Cushing's syndrome, file e1dc1a2b-9e1b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Thyroid hormone analogs for the treatment of dyslipidemia: past, present, and future, file e1dc1a2b-ae36-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Melatonin and vitamin D orchestrate adipose derived stem cell fate by modulating epigenetic regulatory genes, file e1dc1a2b-edac-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Male Predominance of Gastric Cancer among Patients with Hypothyroidism from a Defined Geographic Area, file e1dc1a2c-4b8d-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Prevalence of use and appropriateness of antidepressants prescription in acutely hospitalized elderly patients, file e1dc1a2c-4ff3-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy and atrial fibrillation: a dangerous combination, file e1dc1a2c-50ae-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
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