MANCA, Laura
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The first mitogenome of the Cyprus mouflon (Ovis gmelini ophion): new insights into the phylogeny of the genus Ovis, file e1dc1a2a-3b9b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 9
Identification of an ancestral haplotype in the mitochondrial phylogeny of the ovine haplogroup B, file e1dc1a2c-3e79-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 8
Mitochondrial D-loop Sequence Variability in Three Native Insular Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) Populations from the Mediterranean Basin, file e1dc1a2c-3fef-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 8
The sequence and phylogenesis of the α-globin genes of Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), goat (Capra hircus), European mouflon (Ovis aries musimon) and Cyprus mouflon (Ovis aries ophion), file e1dc1a2a-4529-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Two abnormal fetal hemoglobins found in the Sardinian population: the new Hb F-Osilo [Aγ119(GH2)Gly→Ser, GGC→AGC] and the Hb F-Paulinia [Gγ80(EF4)Asp→Tyr, GAT→ TAT] already described in the Brazilian population, file e1dc1a2a-3cd1-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
A Novel -72 (T→A) β-Promoter Mutation Causing Slightly Elevated HbA2 in a Vietnamese Heterozygote., file e1dc1a2c-9988-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
A Novel Heme Pocket Hemoglobin Variant Associated with Normal Hematology: Hb Zara or α91(FG3)Leu→Ile (α2) (HBA2: c.274C > A), file e1dc1a2a-3ab2-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Functional properties of the newly observed (G)gamma-chain fetal hemoglobin variant Hb F-Monserrato-Sassari (HBG2:c.280T > C) or [(G)gamma 93 (F9) Cys -> Arg], file e1dc1a2a-3c54-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Hb F-Avellino [Gγ41(C7)Phe → Leu; HBG2: c.124 T > C]: A New Hemoglobin Variant Observed In A Healthy Newborn., file e1dc1a2b-98a8-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
The New -474(C→T) Substitution Discovered in the HBG2 Promoter of a Sardinian δβ-Thalassemia Carrier, file e1dc1a2c-9895-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of the Hb Lepore Boston Washington in a Syrian Homozygous Child, file e1dc1a2c-9c6e-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
beta-thalassemia -87 C->G: relationship of the Hb F modulation and polimorphisms in compound heterozygous patients, file e1dc1a2a-3f97-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Functional and computer modelling studies of haemoglobin from horse. The haemoglobin system of the Sardinian wild dwarf horse, file e1dc1a2a-44a3-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Adult and fetal haemoglobin J-Sardegna [alpha50(CE8)His->Asp]: functional and molecular modelling studies, file e1dc1a2a-44b1-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Hb F-Porto Torres [Aγ75(E19)Ile Thr, 136(H14)Ala Ser]: A novel variant of the Aγ chain having two substitutions, one being that of Hb F-Sardinia, file e1dc1a2a-4c6d-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Disorders of the synthesis of human fetal hemoglobin, file e1dc1a2a-5270-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Functional properties of the newly observed (G)gamma-chain fetal hemoglobin variant Hb F-Monserrato-Sassari (HBG2:c.280T > C) or [(G)gamma 93 (F9) Cys -> Arg], file e1dc1a2b-1d17-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Biorelevant reactions of the potential anti-tumor agent vanadocene dichloride, file e1dc1a2b-b014-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
The complete mtDNA sequence of the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus): Phylogenetic analysis and haplotype frequency variations after restocking in the Sardinian population, file e1dc1a2b-f408-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Genetic characterization and implications for conservation of the last autochthonous Mouflon population in Europe, file e1dc1a2c-cab0-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Anthropogenic drivers leading to population decline and genetic preservation of the eurasian griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), file e1dc1a2d-7b25-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
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