DEIANA, Salvatore Andrea
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Interaction of oxidation products from caffeic acid with Fe(III) and Fe(II), file e1dc1a2a-abb1-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
In Situ Fixation of Metal(loid)s in Contaminated Soils: A Comparison of Conventional, Opportunistic, and Engineered Soil Amendments, file e1dc1a2d-c43b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Influence of iron-rich water treatment residues and compost on the mobility of metal(loid)s in mine soils, file e1dc1a2d-c483-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Leachability, bioaccessibility and plant availability of trace elements in contaminated soils treated with industrial by-products and subjected to oxidative/reductive conditions, file e1dc1a2a-3bca-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Role of polygalacturonic acid and the cooperative effect of caffeic andmalic acids on the toxicity of Cu(II) towards triticale plants (× Triticosecale Wittm), file e1dc1a2a-3f56-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
X-Ray diffraction and termal analysis of bauxite ore-processing waste (red mud) excanged with arsenate and phosphate, file e1dc1a2a-621a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Arsenic mobilization by citrate and malate from a red mud–treated contaminated soil, file e1dc1a2a-671b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Detoxification processes from vanadate at the root apoplasm activated by caffeic and polygalacturonic acids, file e1dc1a2d-9bcc-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Use of municipal solid wastes for chemical and microbiological recovery of soils contaminated with metal(loid)s, file e1dc1a2d-c2d7-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Water treatment residues as accumulators of oxoanions in soil. Sorption of arsenate and phosphate anions from an aqueous solution, file e1dc1a2a-3bad-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Role of the Ca-pectates on the accumulation of heavy metals in the root apoplasm, file e1dc1a2a-41b0-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Influence of the pH on the accumulation of phosphate by red mud (a bauxite ore processing waste), file e1dc1a2a-4f39-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Reduction of Cr(VI) by caffeic acid, file e1dc1a2a-55e5-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Oxidation of caffeic acid by Fe(III) trapped in a Ca-polygalacturonate network, file e1dc1a2a-5888-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
null, file e1dc1a2a-5b81-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Influence of lead in the sorption of arsenate by municipal solid waste composts: metal(loid) retention, desorption and phytotoxicity, file e1dc1a2a-e9a9-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Municipal solid waste compost as a novel sorbent for antimony(V): adsorption and release trials at acidic pH, file e1dc1a2b-6295-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Sediment features and heavy metal levels in four areas of Sardinia devoted to bivalve culture = Caratteristiche dei sedimenti e livelli di metalli pesanti in quattro aree della Sardegna idonee all’allevamento dei bivalvi, file e1dc1a2d-044a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Copper(II) and lead(II) removal from aqueous solution by water treatment residues, file e1dc1a2d-c63f-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
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