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Antimicrobial effect of Thymus capitatus and Citrus limon var. pompia as raw extracts and nanovesicles, file e1dc1a2b-f4f0-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 8
Thymus catharinae Camarda essential oil: ß-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, evaluation of antimicrobial activity, file e1dc1a2a-4677-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 6
1,2,3-triazolo[4,5-f]quinolines: II: preparation and antimicrobial evaluation of 6-ethyl-6,9-dihydro-1(2)(3)-R-1(2) (3)H-triazolo [4,5-f]quinolin-9-one-8-carboxylic acids as anti-infectives of the urinary tract, file e1dc1a2d-06e4-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 6
Antibacterial activity of Na-clinoptilolite against Helicobacter pylori: in-vitro tests, synergistic effect with amoxicillin and stability of the antibiotic formulated with the zeolite, file e1dc1a2d-dca5-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 6
Mucoadhesive vaginal tablets as veterinary delivery system for the controlled release of an antimicrobial drug, acriflavine, file e1dc1a2a-4b92-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Versatile coordinating behaviour of bis(acylhydrazone) ligands derived from imino- and methyl-iminodiacetic acid diethyl ester. Antimicrobial properties of their trinuclear copper(II) complexes, file e1dc1a2a-3df6-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Coordination of Divalent Cations to a Multihistidinic Domain in Cap43 Protein, file e1dc1a2a-6451-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Antimicrobial activity and chemical composition of essential oil from Helichrysum microphyllum Cambess. subsp. tyrrhenicum Bacch., Brullo & Giusso collected in South-West Sardinia, file e1dc1a2c-936e-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Cosmetic ingredients as emerging pollutants of environmental and health concern. A mini-review, file e1dc1a2a-db1c-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Evaluation of chemical composition and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial activity of essential oil of Sardinian Santolina corsica Jord. & Fourr., file e1dc1a2c-9766-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Pyridazine N-Oxides. III. Synthesis and “in vitro” antimicrobial properties of N-Oxide derivatives based on tricyclic indeno[2,1-c]pyridazine and benzo [f]cinnoline systems, file e1dc1a2a-4b93-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
In vitro study on the anticandidal activity of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil combined with chitosan, file e1dc1a2a-4fca-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Buccal tablets containing Cysteine and Chlorhexidine for the reduction of acetaldehyde levels in the oral cavity, file e1dc1a2a-63aa-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Rosmarinus officinalis L. oils from Sardinia and Corsica, file e1dc1a2a-c5ac-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Cosmetic Functional Ingredients from Botanical Sources for Anti-Pollution Skincare Products, file e1dc1a2b-68be-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Analyses and potential antimicrobic activity of phenolic compounds in extracts of Cistus creticus subspecies from Sardinia, file e1dc1a2b-b21f-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Methylglyoxal, the major antibacterial factor in manuka honey: An alternative to preserve natural cosmetics?, file e1dc1a2c-9768-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Antibacterial activity of Na-clinoptilolite against Helicobacter pylori: in-vitro tests, synergistic effect with amoxicillin and stability of the antibiotic formulated with the zeolite, file e1dc1a2d-d388-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Analytical profiling of phenolic compounds in extracts of three Cistus species from Sardinia and their potential antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, file 95ef9a58-a296-45b8-bc02-18bb44cfd150 1
Zn2+-exchanged clinoptilolite-rich rock as active carrier for antibiotics in anti-acne topical therapy. In-vitro characterization and preliminary formulation studies, file e1dc1a2a-43c8-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
In vitro antibacterial activity of antiseptics against vaginal lactobacilli, file e1dc1a2a-45de-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
alphaB crystallin is constitutively expressed in cultures of bovine articular chondrocytes, file e1dc1a2a-4afb-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
In vitro phagocytic interaction between Trichomonas vaginalis isolates and bacteria, file e1dc1a2a-4afc-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Effect of chitosan malate on viability and cytoskeletal structures morphology of Caco-2 cells, file e1dc1a2a-63a8-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Formulation and in vivo evaluation of chlorhexidine buccal tablets prepared using drug loaded chitosan microspheres, file e1dc1a2a-ab6b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Evaluation of Manuka honey as an adjuvant antimicrobial preservative in a O/W emulsion, file e1dc1a2c-90a8-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Sintesi di acidi 1-etil-6-(R)-7-nitro-4-oxo-1,4-diidrochinolin-3-carbossilici quali agenti antibatterici. Influenza del gruppo nitro sull'attività antibatterica, file e1dc1a2d-0b01-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
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