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Are distinctive risk indicators associated with different stages of caries in children? A cross-sectional study, file e1dc1a2a-cf4b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 11
Efficacy of HAF toothpastes in primary and permanent dentitions. A 2-years triple-blind RCT, file 0df7d27b-2d9b-43b7-931c-3abf33cda7d8 9
Evaluation of the Difference in Caries Experience in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Children – A Case Control Study, file e1dc1a2b-8619-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 8
Platinum(II), palladium(II) and gold(III) adducts and cyclometalated derivatives of 6-methoxy-2,2’-bipyridine: A comparative study, file e1dc1a2a-9f93-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 7
Evaluation of the difference in caries experience in diabetic and non-diabetic children - A case control study, file e1dc1a2b-5845-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 7
Gold(III) Adducts with Chiral Pyridinyl-Oxazolines. Synthesis, Reactivity of the Coordinated Ligands and Structural Characterizations, file e1dc1a2a-3a68-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Effect of Fluoridated Sealants on Adjacent Tooth Surfaces: A 30-mo Randomized Clinical Trial, file e1dc1a2a-3aa5-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Fluoride Concentration from Dental Sealants : a Randomized Clinical Trial, file e1dc1a2a-3fcc-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 5
Oral health inequalities in Italian schoolchildren - a cross-sectional evaluation, file e1dc1a2a-c5ab-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Caries-removal effectiveness and minimal-invasivity of caries-excavation techniques: A clinical and microbiological study, file e1dc1a2b-8614-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 4
Caries Preventive Effect of One-Year Use of Low-Dose Xylitol Chewing-Gum in High-Caries-Risk Adults, file e1dc1a2b-8617-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Caries Preventive Effect of One-Year Use of a Chewing-Gum Containing Magnolia in High-Caries-Risk Adults, file e1dc1a2b-8681-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 3
Laboratory enamel fluoride uptake from fluoride products, file e1dc1a2a-3db0-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Association between interdental plaque acidogenicity and caries risk at surface level: a cross sectional study in primary dentition, file e1dc1a2a-768d-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
The caries preventive effect of 1-year use of low-dose xylitol chewing gum. A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial in high-caries-risk adults., file e1dc1a2a-db2a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Edentulism and Health Related Risk Factors in Italian Elderly Living in Nursing Home, file e1dc1a2b-867e-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Body Weight and Behavioural Factors on Dental Caries in Mexican Rural and Urban Adolescents, file e1dc1a2b-86a7-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Oral health sentinel-based surveillance: a pilot study on dentinal hypersensitivity pain, file e1dc1a2b-8b7b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Structural and solution chemistry, antiproliferative effects, and DNA and protein binding properties of a series of dinuclear gold(III) compounds with bipyridyl ligands, file e1dc1a2b-9286-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
The “CROMa” project: a care pathway for clinical management of patients with bisphosphonate exposure, file e1dc1a2c-f45e-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 2
Effect of a daily dose of Lactobacillus brevis CD2 lozenges in high caries risk schoolchildren, file e1dc1a2a-3fde-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Exploring the potential of gold(III) cyclometallated compounds as cytotoxic agents: variations on the C^N theme, file e1dc1a2a-46a4-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Adducts and Cyclometalated Complexes of 6,6 '-Dimethoxy-2,2 '-bipyridine: C(sp(3))-H and C(sp(2))-H Bond Activations, file e1dc1a2a-46ed-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Gold(I) compounds with lansoprazole-type ligands: synthesis, characterization and anticancer properties in vitro, file e1dc1a2a-4a29-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Probiotics and Dental Health: An Overview, file e1dc1a2a-5e92-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Mechanistic studies on two dinuclear organogold(III) compounds showing appreciable antiproliferative properties and a high redox stability, file e1dc1a2a-63a9-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Laboratory enamel fluoride uptake from fluoride products, file e1dc1a2a-75fa-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Organogold(III) compounds as experimental anticancer agents: chemical and biological profiles., file e1dc1a2a-ab4a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Interaction of lifestyle, behaviour or systemic diseases with dental caries and periodontal diseases: consensus report of group 2 of the joint EFP/ORCA workshop on the boundaries between caries and periodontal diseases., file e1dc1a2a-e39a-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Intramolecular C(sp2)-H Bond Activation in 6,6'-Dimethoxy-2,2'-Bipyridine with Gold(III). Crystal and Molecular Structure of the First N',C(3) “Rollover” Cycloaurated Derivative, file e1dc1a2b-304b-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Large Effect of a Small Substitution: Competition of Dehydration with Charge Retention and Coulomb Explosion in Gaseous [(bipyR)Au(μ-O)2Au(bipyR)]2+ Dications, file e1dc1a2b-93ba-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Genetic and developmental disorders of the oral mucosa: Epidemiology; molecular mechanisms; diagnostic criteria; management, file e1dc1a2b-fece-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Comparison of ICDAS, CAST, Nyvad’s criteria, and WHO-DMFT for caries detection in a sample of Italian schoolchildren, file e1dc1a2c-af37-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Effect of a daily dose of snacks containing maltitol or Stevia rebaudiana as sweeteners in high caries risk schoolchildren. A double-blind RCT study, file e1dc1a2c-b4a4-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Sintesi di complessi di Au(III) con leganti azotati e studio della loro reattività, file e1dc1a2c-e321-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
Platinum(II), palladium(II) and gold(III) adducts and cyclometalated derivatives of 6-methoxy-2,2’-bipyridine: A comparative study, file e1dc1a2d-db6d-1507-e053-3a05fe0ac7a3 1
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