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Implicit Institutional Incentives and Individual Decisions: Causal Inference with Deep Learning Models In corso di stampa Cabras, Stefano; TENA HORRILLO, J
Do two weeks of instruction time matter? Using a natural experiment to estimate the effect of a calendar change on students' performance 1-gen-2023 Sanz, Ismael; TENA HORRILLO, J
Emotional Shocks and Performance: Evidence from the FIFA World Cup 1-gen-2023 TENA HORRILLO, J; Tovar, Jorge
Causal Inference with Observational Data: A Tutorial on Propensity Score Analysis 1-gen-2023 Narita, Kaori; TENA HORRILLO, J; Detotto, Claudio
Forced to play too many matches? A deep-learning assessment of crowded schedule 1-gen-2022 Cabras, Stefano; Delogu, Marco; TENA HORRILLO, J
Armchair fans: Modelling audience size for televised football matches 1-gen-2022 TENA HORRILLO, Juan de Dios; Forrest, D; Mchale, I; Buraimo, B
Physical activity, leisure-time, cognition and academic grades: Connections and causal effects in Chinese students 1-gen-2022 Guan, Jing; TENA HORRILLO, Juan de Dios
The influence of schooling on performance in chess and at the Olympics 1-gen-2022 Tena Horrillo, J; Forrest, D; C, Varela-Quintana
Estimating the effect of physical exercise on juveniles’ health status and subjective well-being in China 1-gen-2021 Guan, Jing; Tena Horrillo, Juan de Dios
Television audience demand for football: Disaggregation by gender, age and socio-economic status 1-gen-2021 TENA HORRILLO, J; Buraimo, T; Forrest, D; Mchale, Ig
Does sport affect health and well-being or is it the other way around? A note on reverse-causality in empirical applications 1-gen-2021 Jing, Guan; TENA HORRILLO, J
UNSCRIPTED DRAMA: SOCCER AUDIENCE RESPONSE TO SUSPENSE, SURPRISE AND SHOCK 1-gen-2020 Forrest, D; Tena Horrillo, Juan de Dios; Buraimo, B; Mchale, I
Inversión en Talento y Visibilidad Mediática: un Estudio del Fútbol Profesional en Europa 1-gen-2019 Garcia-del-Barrio, Pedro; Tena Horrillo, Juan de Dios
Bayesian forecasting of UEFA Champions League under alternative seeding regimes 1-gen-2019 TENA HORRILLO, J; Corona, F; Forrest, D; Wiper, M.
Attendance demand in a developing football market: the case of the Peruvian First Division 1-gen-2018 Buraimo, B; de la Piedra, D; Tena Horrillo, J.
UK national minimum wage and labor market outcomes of young workers 1-gen-2018 Fidrmuc, Jan; TENA HORRILLO, J.
American beauty: trade flows and export costs of US movies 1-gen-2018 Meloni, Gianpiero; Paolini, Dimitri; Tena horrillo, J. D.
Do managerial skills matter? An analysis of the impact of managerial features on performance for the Italian football 1-gen-2018 Detotto, Claudio; Paolini, Dimitri; TENA HORRILLO, Juan de Dios
Minimum Wage and Young Workers: UK Evidence 1-gen-2018 TENA HORRILLO, J; Fidrmuc, J
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 62
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