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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Using Peltier cell to study solid-liquid-vapour transitions and supercooling 1-gen-2007 Torzo, G; Soletta, I; Branca, Mario
Using Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning in surveing monumental heritage 1-gen-2003 Minchilli, Maurizio; Caprioli, M.; Scognamiglio, A.; Strisciuglio, G.
Using portable NIR instrumentation for initial identification of the presence of Clostridium spores in Grana Padano cheese 1-gen-2014 Mura, Stefania; G., Gianfranco; T., Cattaneo; S., Barzagli
Using protective cultures to control Pseudomonas spp contamination in Ricotta fresca cheese 1-gen-2017 Spanu, Carlo; Scarano, Christian; Piras, Francesca; Mocci, Anna Maria; Nieddu, Gavino; DE SANTIS, Enrico Pietro Luigi
Using remote sensing to assess impacts of land management policies in the Ordos rangelands in China 1-gen-2013 Wu, W; De Pauw, E; Zucca, Claudio
Using sem-grams to study metaphors in travel journalism 1-gen-2020 Brett, David; Pinna, Antonio
Using social network sites and tools in distributed teams: exploring performance drivers 1-gen-2012 Isari, D; Pontiggia, A; Virili, Francesco
Using SPOT imagery to assess the effectiveness of combating desertification in Marrakech, Morocco 1-gen-2013 Wu, W; Zucca, Claudio; Dessena, Leonarda; Mulas, Maurizio
Using structured eradication feasibility assessment to prioritise the management of new and emerging invasive alien species in Europe 1-gen-2020 Booy, Olaf; Robertson, Peter A.; Moore, Niall; Ward, Jess; Roy, Helen E.; Adriaens, Tim; Shaw, Richard; Valkenburg, Johan; Wyn, Gabrielle; Bertolino, Sandro; Blight, Olivier; Branquart, Etienne; Brundu, Giuseppe; Caffrey, Joe; Capizzi, Dario; Casaer, Jim; De Clerck, Olivier; Coughlan, Neil E.; Davis, Eithne; Dick, Jaimie T. A.; Essl, Franz; Fried, Guillaume; Genovesi, Piero; González‐moreno, Pablo; Huysentruyt, Frank; Jenkins, Stuart R.; Kerckhof, Francis; Lucy, Frances E.; Nentwig, Wolfgang; Newman, Jonathan; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Roy, Sugoto; Starfinger, Uwe; Stebbing, Paul D.; Stuyck, Jan; Sutton‐croft, Mike; Tricarico, Elena; Vanderhoeven, Sonia; Verreycken, Hugo; Mill, Aileen C.
Using system thinking to study sustainability of Colombian dairy system 1-gen-2014 Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; Campus Gaona, Rómulo; Sánchez Guerrero, Hugo; Mølina Barrøs, Raúl Andrés
Using System Thinking to Study Sustainability of Colombian Dairy System” Business system review 1-gen-2014 Molina, R.; Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; S, Campos; R. y., Sanchez
Using technologies. The success of the Bitten Apple in Italy 1-gen-2020 Lai, Franco
Using terrestrial LiDAR for monitoring canopy structure in cork oak trees 1-gen-2017 Ferrara, Roberto; Ventura, Andrea; Arca, Angelo; Virdis, S.; Pellizzaro, Grazia; Masia, Pierpaolo
Using the Small Ruminant Nutrition System to develop and evaluate an alternative approach to estimating the dry matter intake of goats when accounting for ruminal fiber stratification 1-gen-2014 Regadas Filho, Jgl; Tedeschi, Lo; Cannas, Antonello; Vieira, Ram; Rodrigues, Mt
Using topsis to develop desertification indicators 1-gen-2010 Sepehr, A; Moayeri, M; Seif, A; Zucca, Claudio
Using unmanned aerial vehicles for vegetation mapping and identification of botanical species in wetlands 1-gen-2019 Bertacchi, Andrea; Giannini, Vittoria; Di Franco, Carmelo; Silvestri, Nicola
Using user's position to improve video multicast subgrouping in 5G NR 1-gen-2021 Anedda, M.; Fadda, M.; Giusto, D. D.; Murroni, M.
Using verified citizen science as a tool for monitoring the European hornet (Vespa crabro) in the Island of Sardinia (Italy) 1-gen-2019 Pusceddu, M.; Floris, I.; Mannu, R.; Cocco, A.; Satta, A.
USING VIRTUAL OR AUGMENTED REALITY for the TIME-BASED STUDY of COMPLEX UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS 1-gen-2021 Nawaf, M.; Drap, P.; Ben-Ellefi, M.; Nocerino, E.; Chemisky, B.; Chassaing, T.; Colpani, A.; Noumossie, V.; Hyttinen, K.; Wood, J.; Gambin, T.; Sourisseau, J. C.
Mostrati risultati da 61.284 a 61.303 di 63.356
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