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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On the plausibility of a generalized model of perceived similarity between faces 1-gen-2012 Lorusso, Ludovica; Brelstaff, G; Pulina, Luca; Grosso, Enrico
On the possibility to modify the CsAlSi5O12/CsAlSi2O6 ratio during thethermal transformation of Cs-clinoptilolite 1-gen-2022 Cerri, Guido; Brundu, Antonio
On the Possible Conflict Between Economic Growth and Social Development 1-gen-2005 Antoci, Angelo; Sacco P., L; Vanin, P.
On the possible relationship between kober stem grooving and grapevine virus A 1-gen-1994 Garau, R; Prota, U; Prota, Vanda Assunta; Piredda, R; Boscia, D.
On the Power of Panel Cointegration Tests: A Monte Carlo Comparison 1-gen-2003 Gutierrez, Luciano
On the prediction of (51)V hyperfine coupling constants in V(IV)O complexes through DFT methods 1-gen-2009 Micera, Giovanni; Garribba, Eugenio
On the presence of H1-receptors in various sections of guinea pig heart: a correlation between binding and functinal studies 1-gen-1984 Bennardini, F; Amerini, S; Franconi, Flavia; Ledda, F; Mantelli, L; Matucci, R; Mugelli, A; Sorbi, C.
On the presence of H1-receptors in various sections of guinea-pig heart: a correlation between binding and functional studies 1-gen-1984 Bennardini, Federico; Amerini, S.; Franconi, F.; Ledda, F.; Mantelli, L.; Matucci, R.; Mugelli, A.; Sorbi, C.
On the problem of shape formation: New effects related to the Oppel-Kundt and the Helmholtz’s square illusions 1-gen-2014 Pinna, B; Deiana, Katia
On the Pseudomonocelis agilis (Schultze, 1851) complex (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata), with description of two new species 1-gen-2011 CURINI GALLETTI, Marco; Casu, Marco; Lai, Tiziana
On the PSPACE - Completeness of peg duotaire and other peg-jumping games 1-gen-2018 Bilo, D.; Guala, L.; Leucci, S.; Proietti, G.; Rossi, M.
On the purpose of color for living beings: A new theory of color organization 1-gen-2013 Deiana, Katia; Pinna, B.
On the purposes of color for living beings: toward a theory of color organization 1-gen-2015 Pinna, Baingio; Reeves, A.
On the quantitative estimation of short-term aging in human faces 1-gen-2008 Brodo, Linda; Tistarelli, Massimo; Bicego, Manuele; Ortega Hortas, Marcos
On the Quantitative Estimation of Short-Term Aging in Human Faces 1-gen-2009 Ortega, M; Brodo, Linda; Bicego, M; Tistarelli, Massimo
On the relationship between structure and reaction rate in olefin ring-closing metathesis 1-gen-2010 Ashworth, Ian W; Carboni, Davide; Hillier, Ian H.; Nelson, David J.; Percy, Jonathan M.; Rinaudo, Giuseppe; Vincent, Mark A.
On the road, again! 1-gen-2010 Casu, Alessandra
On the role of amodal completion in inducing size effects and shape distortions: The square/rectangle and the discontinuity illusions 1-gen-2010 Pinna, Baingio; Tanca, M.
On the role of autophagy in human diseases: a gender perspective 1-gen-2011 Lista, P; Straface, E; Brunelleschi, S; Franconi, Flavia; Malorni, W.
On the role of color in reading and comprehension tasks in dyslexic children and adults 1-gen-2018 Pinna, Baingio; Katia, Deiana
Mostrati risultati da 41.523 a 41.542 di 64.451
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