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A new species of Dugesia (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Dugesiidae) from the Afromontane forest in South Africa, with an overview of freshwater planarians from the African continent 1-gen-2012 Stocchino, G. A.; Sluys, R.; Manconi, R.
Agadirius trojani gen. et sp. nov.: a new owlfly (Neuroptera Ascalaphidae) from Morocco 1-gen-2012 Badano, D.; Pantaleoni, Roberto Antonio
Libelloidini, new name for an old tribe (Neuroptera Ascalaphidae) 1-gen-2018 Pantaleoni, Roberto A.; Loru, Laura
Myrmeleon almohadarum sp. nov., from Spain and North Africa, with description of the larva (Neuroptera Myrmeleontidae) 1-gen-2016 Badano, Davide; Acevedo, Fernando; Pantaleoni, Roberto A.; Monserrat, Víctor J.
New insights on the phylogenetic relationships of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes), with proposal of a new genus of the family Coelogynoporidae 1-gen-2010 CURINI GALLETTI, Marco; Webster, Bonnie L.; Huyse, Tine; Casu, Marco; Schockaert, Ernest R.; Artois, Tom J.; Littlewood, D. Timothy J.
New species of Duplominona Karling, 1966 (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata) from the Pacific coast of Panama 1-gen-2020 Curini Galletti, M.; Carcupino, M.; Stocchino, G. A.; Leasi, F.; Norenburg, J. L.
New species of Duplominona Karling, 1966 and Pseudominona Karling, 1978 (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata) from the Caribbean. 1-gen-2019 Curini Galletti, M.; Stocchino, G. A.; Norenburg, J. L.
A new species of stygobiont freshwater planarian (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida) from a chemoautotrophic ecosystem: The Frasassi karst in Italy 1-gen-2017 Stocchino, Giacinta Angela; Sluys, Ronald; Montanari, Alessandro; Manconi, Renata
New species of the genus Archimonocelis (Meixner, 1938)(Proseriata, Archimonocelididae) from southern Apulia (Italy) 1-gen-2007 CURINI GALLETTI, Marco; Delogu, V; Campus, P; Casu, Marco
New species of the genus Parotoplana Meixner, 1938 (Proseriata, Otoplanidae) from southern Apulia (Italy) 1-gen-2007 Delogu, V; CURINI GALLETTI, Marco
On the Calviriidae Martens and Curini-Galletti, 1993 (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata), with the description of three new species 1-gen-2011 Schockaert, Er; CURINI GALLETTI, Marco; De Ridder, W; Artois, T.
An overview of the genus Radiospongilla (Porifera, Spongillida) with description of a new species from Australia 1-gen-2020 Pronzato, R; Manconi, R
The spurious dragonfly: the intricate nomenclatural problems regarding the names Libelloides and libelluloides (Neuroptera Ascalaphidae et Myrmeleontidae) 1-gen-2018 Pantaleoni, Roberto A.; Loru, Laura
The Cholevidae (Coleoptera) of Sardinia 1-gen-2009 Casale, Achille; Giuseppe, Grafitti; Leonardo, Latella
The larvae of European Ascalaphidae (Neuroptera) 1-gen-2014 Badano, D.; Pantaleoni, Roberto Antonio
The larvae of European Myrmeleontidae (Neuroptera) 1-gen-2014 Badano, D.; Pantaleoni, Roberto Antonio
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