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Signaling molecules in ecophysiological response mechanisms of salt-stressed plants 1-gen-2019 Massa, D.; Melito, S.
Effect of salinity (NaCl)on plant growth, nutrient content, and glucosinolate hydrolysis products trends in rocket genotypes 1-gen-2019 Petretto, G. L.; Urgeghe, P. P.; Massa, D.; Melito, S.
Geographical variation of the chemical composition in essential oils extracted from Sardinian Salvia verbenaca 1-gen-2020 Mannu, A.; Melito, S.; Petretto, G. L.; Manconi, P.; Pintore, G. M.; Chessa, M.
Phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity and lignin content of Spinoso sardo globe artichoke grown under different photoperiods 1-gen-2020 Fadda, A.; Virdis, A.; Barberis, A.; Ledda, L.; Melito, S.
Genetic and epigenetic dynamics affecting anthocyanin biosynthesis in potato cell culture 1-gen-2020 D'Amelia, V.; Villano, C.; Batelli, G.; Cobanoglu, O.; Carucci, F.; Melito, S.; Chessa, M.; Chiaiese, P.; Aversano, R.; Carputo, D.
Impact of different photoperiodic treatments on Spinoso Sardo globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus L. var. scolymus Fiori) head traits and elementary composition 1-gen-2020 Fadda, A.; Virdis, A.; Barberis, A.; Ledda, L.; Melito, S.
Testing Eruca sativa defatted seed meal as a potential bioherbicide on selected weeds and crops 1-gen-2021 Giannini, V.; Melito, S.; Matteo, R.; Lazzeri, L.; Pagnotta, E.; Chahine, S.; Roggero, P. P.
First insight of exogenous addition of proline and glycinebetaine to mitigate fluorine toxicity effects on common bean seedlings 1-gen-2021 Chahine, S.; Giannini, V.; Roggero, P. P.; Melito, S.
Biochemical Characterization and Effects of Cooking Methods on Main Phytochemicals of Red and Purple Potato Tubers, a Natural Functional Food 1-gen-2022 D'Amelia, V.; Sarais, G.; Fais, G.; Dessi, D.; Giannini, V.; Garramone, R.; Carputo, D.; Melito, S.
Stabilising fluoride in contaminated soils with monocalcium phosphate and municipal solid waste compost: microbial, biochemical and plant growth impact 1-gen-2022 Chahine, S.; Garau, G.; Castaldi, P.; Pinna, M. V.; Melito, S.; Seddaiu, G.; Roggero, P. P.
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 50 di 50
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