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Reduction in transmission of hepatitis C after the introduction of a heat-treatment step in the production of C1-inhibitor concentrate 1-gen-1995 Cicardi, M; Mannucci, Pm; Castelli, R; Rumi, Mg; Agostoni, A
Side effects of long-term prophylaxis with attenuated androgens in hereditary angioedema: comparison of treated and untreated patients 1-gen-1997 Cicardi, M1; Castelli, R; Zingale, Lc; Agostoni, A.
Transmission of hepatitis G virus in patients with angioedema treated with steam-heated plasma concentrates of C1 inhibitor 1-gen-1998 De Filippi, F; Castelli, R; Cicardi, M; Soffredini, R; Rumi, Mg; Silini, E; Mannucci, Pm; Colombo, M.
Syncope in patients with pulmonary embolism: comparison between patients with syncope as the presenting symptom of pulmonary embolism and patients with pulmonary embolism without syncope 1-gen-2003 Castelli, R; Tarsia, P; Tantardini, C; Pantaleo, G; Guariglia, A; Porro, F.
Intrathoracic masses due to extramedullary hematopoiesis 1-gen-2004 Castelli, R; Graziadei, G; Karimi, M; Cappellini, Md.
The heparins and cancer: review of clinical trials and biological properties 1-gen-2004 Castelli, R; Porro, F; Tarsia, P.
Unreliable estimation of HbA due to the presence of Camperdown haemoglobin [beta 104 (G6) Arg --> Ser] 1-gen-2004 Castelli, R; Tempesta, A; Bianchi, A; Porro, T; Ivaldi, G; Cappellini, Md.
Aggressive natural killer cell leukaemia with a complex karyotype: a case report 1-gen-2006 Castelli, R; Molteni, M; Gianelli, U; Cro, L; Grimoldi, Mg; Cortelezzi, A
The value of four-detector row spiral computed tomography for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism 1-gen-2006 Vigo, M; Pesavento, R; Bova, C; Porro, F; Ghirarduzzi, A; Bazzan, M; Polverosi, R; Frulla, M; Noto, A; Castelli, R; Giovanardi, F; Angelini, F; Pagnan, A; Prandoni, P; SCENIC Investigators, Group
Cancer and thromboembolism: from biology to clinics 1-gen-2006 Castelli, R; Porro, F.
New antithrobotic agents 1-gen-2006 Castelli, R; Porro, F; Savo, D; Cassinerio, E
Unusual severe development of common B lymphoblastic leukemia in Gaucher disease type I 1-gen-2006 Castelli, R; Cassinerio, E; Iurlo, A; Zanella, A; Gianelli, U; Cappellini, Md
Acquired deficiency of the inhibitor of the first complement component: presentation, diagnosis, course, and conventional management 1-gen-2006 Zingale, Lc; Castelli, R; Zanichelli, A; Cicardi, M
Aggressive natural killer cell leukaemia with a complex karyotype: a case report 1-gen-2006 Castelli, R; Molteni, M; Gianelli, U; Cro, L; Grimoldi, Mg; Cortelezzi, A
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia: pathogenetic, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects 1-gen-2007 Castelli, R; Cassinerio, E; Cappellini, Md; Porro, F; Graziadei, G; Fabris, F.
Lymphoproliferative disease and acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency 1-gen-2007 Castelli, R; Deliliers, Dl; Zingale, Lc; Pogliani, Em; Cicardi, M.
Angioedema due to acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency : a bridging condition between autoimmunity and lymphoproliferation 1-gen-2008 Cugno, M.; Castelli, R.; Cicardi, M.
Effect of hydroxyurea on extramedullary haematopoiesis in thalassaemia intermedia : case reports and literature review 1-gen-2008 Meo, A.; Cassinerio, E.; Castelli, R.; Bignamini, D.; Perego, L.; Cappellini, M. D.
The impact of an aging population on the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism: comparison of young and elderly patients 1-gen-2009 Castelli, R; Bergamaschini, L; Sailis, P; Pantaleo, G; Porro, F.
Anti-t-PA antibodies in acute myocardial infarction after thrombolysis with rt-PA 1-gen-2010 Cugno, M.; Castelli, R.; Bisiani, G.; Griffini, S.; Meroni, P. L.
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