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Help from the sky: Can vultures contribute to cystic echinococcosis control in endemic areas? 1-gen-2021 Berlinguer, F.; Ahmed, F.; Tamponi, C.; Carta, S.; Scala, A.; Cappai, M. G.; Varcasia, A.
Genetic diversity and transmission patterns of Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto among domestic ungulates of Sardinia, Italy 1-gen-2021 Mehmood, N.; Dessi, G.; Ahmed, F.; Joanny, G.; Tamponi, C.; Cappai, M. G.; Varcasia, A.; Scala, A.
Raw meat based diet (RMBD) for household pets as potential door opener to parasitic load of domestic and urban environment. Revival of understated zoonotic hazards? A review 1-gen-2021 Ahmed, F.; Cappai, M. G.; Morrone, S.; Cavallo, L.; Berlinguer, F.; Dessi, G.; Tamponi, C.; Scala, A.; Varcasia, A.
Excreta quality and digestive function of singly versus couple caged Sardinian partridges (Alectoris barbara barbara Bonnaterre, 1790) as non-invasive indicators of birds’ coping ability to forced pairing 1-gen-2021 Ahmed, F.; Pudda, F.; Muzzeddu, M.; Schiavone, A.; Varcasia, A.; Nery, J.; Serra, G.; Seidavi, A.; Cappai, M. G.
First molecular description of Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus in wild boars from Italy with pathomorphological and epidemiological insights 1-gen-2022 Dessi, G.; Cabras, P.; Mehmood, N.; Ahmed, F.; Porcu, F.; Veneziano, V.; Burrai, G. P.; Tamponi, C.; Scala, A.; Varcasia, A.
Taenia multiceps coenurosis: a review 1-gen-2022 Varcasia, A.; Tamponi, C.; Ahmed, F.; Cappai, M. G.; Porcu, F.; Mehmood, N.; Dessi, G.; Scala, A.
Feed Preference, Daily Intake, and Laying Performance of Captive-Born Sardinian Partridges (Alectoris barbara barbara Bonnaterre, 1790) Offered Whole Defrosted Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor L., 1758) as Raw Feed Material with Diet 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, Fahad; Pudda, Flavia; Muzzeddu, Marco; Pedrini, Andrea; Serra, Giuseppe; Knoll, Stephane; Morrone, Sarah; Nery, Joana; Schiavone, Achille; Seidavi, Alireza; Cappai, Maria Grazia
External ophthalmomyiasis by Oestrus ovis in tourists visiting Italy. Report of three cases and a literature review 1-gen-2022 Tamponi, C.; Pasini, C.; Ahmed, F.; Dessi, G.; Contu, E.; Porcu, F.; Gaglio, G.; Brianti, E.; Scala, A.; Volkhard, K. A. J.; Jozsa, K.; Varcasia, A.
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