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The honey bee (Apis mellifera L., 1758) and the seasonal adaptation of productions. Highlights on summer to winter transition and back to summer metabolic activity. A review 1-gen-2020 Knoll, S.; Pinna, W.; Varcasia, A.; Scala, A.; Cappai, M. G.
Environmental Contamination by Dog Feces in Touristic Areas of Italy: Parasitological Aspects and Zoonotic Hazards 1-gen-2020 Tamponi, Claudia; Knoll, Stephane; Tosciri, Gabriele; Salis, Francesco; Dessì, Giorgia; Cappai, Maria Grazia; Varcasia, Antonio; Scala, Antonio
Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with Leishmania infantum in dogs in Sardinia (Italy), an endemic island for leishmaniasis 1-gen-2020 Tamponi, Claudia; Scarpa, Fabio; Carta, Silvia; Knoll, Stephane; Sanna, Daria; Gai, Carolina; Pipia, Anna Paola; Dessì, Giorgia; Casu, Marco; Varcasia, Antonio; Scala, Antonio
Practical guide for microscopic identification of infectious gastrointestinal nematode larvae in sheep from Sardinia, Italy, backed by molecular analysis 1-gen-2021 Knoll, S.; Dessi, G.; Tamponi, C.; Meloni, L.; Cavallo, L.; Mehmood, N.; Jacquiet, P.; Scala, A.; Cappai, M. G.; Varcasia, A.
Clinical forms of peritoneal larval cestodiasis by Mesocestoides spp. in dogs: diagnosis, treatment and long term follow-up 1-gen-2021 Carta, Silvia; Corda, Andrea; Tamponi, Claudia; Dessì, Giorgia; Nonnis, Francesca; Tilocca, Laura; Cotza, Agostina; Knoll, Stephane; Varcasia, Antonio; Scala, Antonio
Parascaris spp. eggs in horses of Italy: a large-scale epidemiological analysis of the egg excretion and conditioning factors 1-gen-2021 Scala, A.; Tamponi, C.; Sanna, G.; Predieri, G.; Meloni, L.; Knoll, S.; Sedda, G.; Dessi, G.; Cappai, M. G.; Varcasia, A.
Preliminary Assessment of Body Condition Score as a Possible Marker for the Targeted Selective Treatment of Dairy Sheep Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes 1-gen-2021 Tamponi, C.; Dessi, G.; Varcasia, A.; Knoll, S.; Meloni, L.; Scala, A.
Feed Preference, Daily Intake, and Laying Performance of Captive-Born Sardinian Partridges (Alectoris barbara barbara Bonnaterre, 1790) Offered Whole Defrosted Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor L., 1758) as Raw Feed Material with Diet 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, Fahad; Pudda, Flavia; Muzzeddu, Marco; Pedrini, Andrea; Serra, Giuseppe; Knoll, Stephane; Morrone, Sarah; Nery, Joana; Schiavone, Achille; Seidavi, Alireza; Cappai, Maria Grazia
A survey on Apicomplexa protozoa in sheep slaughtered for human consumption 1-gen-2022 Dessi, G.; Tamponi, C.; Pasini, C.; Porcu, F.; Meloni, L.; Cavallo, L.; Sini, M. F.; Knoll, S.; Scala, A.; Varcasia, A.
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