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Thermal-induced phase transitions in self-assembled mesostructured films studied by small-angle X-ray scattering 1-gen-2005 Innocenzi, Plinio; Malfatti, Luca; Kidchob, Tongjit; Falcaro, Paolo; Costacurta, Stefano; Mattei, Giovanni; Bello, Valentina; Guglielmi, Massimo; Amenitsch, Heinz
Highly ordered “defect-free” self-assembled hybrid films with a tetragonal mesostructure 1-gen-2005 Falcaro, P; Costacurta, S; Mattei, G; Amenitsch, H; Marcelli, A; CESTELLI GUIDI, M; Piccinini, M; Nucara, A; Malfatti, L; Kidchob, T; Innocenzi, P
Time resolved simultaneous detection of structural and chemical changes during self-assembly of mesostructured films 1-gen-2007 Innocenzi, P; Malfatti, L; Kidchob, Tongjit; Costacurta, S; Falcaro, P; Piccinini, M; Marcelli, A; Morini, P; Sali, D; Amenitsch, H
Hafnia sol-gel films synthesized from HfCl4: Changes of structure and properties with the firing temperature 1-gen-2007 Kidchob, Tongjit; Malfatti, L; Serra, F; Falcaro, P; Enzo, S; Innocenzi, P
Formation of Monoclinic Hafnium Titanate Thin Films Via the Sol–Gel Method 1-gen-2008 Kidchob, T; Falcaro, P; Schiavuta, P; Enzo, S; Innocenzi, P
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