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Biorelevant reactions of the potential anti-tumor agent vanadocene dichloride 1-gen-2016 Sanna, Daniele; Serra, Maria; Ugone, Valeria; Manca, Laura; Pirastru, Monica; Buglyó, Péter; Bíró, Linda; Micera, Giovanni; Garribba, Eugenio
Behavior of the potential antitumor VIVO complexes formed by flavonoid ligands. 3. Antioxidant properties and radical production capability 1-gen-2016 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Fadda, Angela; Micera, Giovanni; Garribba, Eugenio
Complex formation between [(η6-p-cym)Ru(H2O)3]2+ and oligopeptides containing three histidyl moieties 1-gen-2016 Bihari, Zsolt; Ugone, Valeria; Garribba, Eugenio; Lihi, Norbert; Buglyó, Péter
Nonoxido VIV complexes: Prediction of the EPR spectrum and electronic structure of simple coordination compounds and amavadin 1-gen-2016 Sanna, Daniele; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Ugone, Valeria; Micera, Giovanni; Garribba, Eugenio
Synthesis, crystal structures, EPR and DFT studies of first row transition metal complexes of lignin model compound ethylvanillin 1-gen-2017 Sasmal, Ashok; Garribba, Eugenio; Ugone, Valeria; Rizzoli, Corrado; Mitra, Samiran
Speciation of potential anti-diabetic vanadium complexes in real serum samples 1-gen-2017 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Serra, Maria; Garribba, Eugenio
Elucidation of Binding Site and Chiral Specificity of Oxidovanadium Drugs with Lysozyme through Theoretical Calculations 1-gen-2017 Sciortino, Giuseppe; Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Micera, Giovanni; Lledós, Agustí; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Garribba, Eugenio
Speciation in human blood of Metvan, a vanadium based potential anti-tumor drug 1-gen-2017 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Micera, Giovanni; Buglyã³, Pã©ter; Bã­rã³, Linda; Garribba, Eugenio
Decoding Surface Interaction of VIVO Metallodrug Candidates with Lysozyme 1-gen-2018 Sciortino, Giuseppe; Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Lledós, Agustí; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Garribba, Eugenio
Chemistry of oxidomolybdenum(IV) and -(VI) complexes with ONS donor ligands: Synthesis, computational evaluation and oxo-transfer reactions 1-gen-2018 Saswati, Null; Roy, Satabdi; Dash, Subhashree P.; Acharyya, Rama; Kaminsky, Werner; Ugone, Valeria; Garribba, Eugenio; Harris, Cragin; Lowe, Jared M.; Dinda, Rupam
VIVO complexes with antibacterial quinolone ligands and their interaction with serum proteins 1-gen-2018 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Buglyó, Péter; Bihari, Zsolt; Parajdi-Losonczi, Péter László; Garribba, Eugenio
VIVO and VIVSpecies Formed in Aqueous Solution by the Tridentate Glutaroimide–Dioxime Ligand – An Instrumental and Computational Characterization 1-gen-2018 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Parker, Bernard F.; Zhang, Zhicheng; Leggett, Christina J.; Arnold, John; Rao, Linfeng; Garribba, Eugenio
Speciation in aqueous solution and interaction with low and high molecular mass blood bioligands of [VIVO(oda)(H2O)2], a V compound with in vitro anticancer activity 1-gen-2018 Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Buglyó, Péter; Nagy, Sándor; Kacsir, István; Garribba, Eugenio
Interaction of Vanadium(IV) Species with Ubiquitin: A Combined Instrumental and Computational Approach 1-gen-2019 Ugone, V.; Sanna, D.; Sciortino, G.; Marechal, J. -D.; Garribba, E.
Integrated ESI-MS/EPR/computational characterization of the binding of metal species to proteins: vanadium drug–myoglobin application 1-gen-2019 Sciortino, Giuseppe; Sanna, Daniele; Ugone, Valeria; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Garribba, Eugenio
Effect of secondary interactions, steric hindrance and electric charge on the interaction of VIVO species with proteins 1-gen-2019 Sciortino, G.; Sanna, D.; Ugone, V.; Marechal, J. -D.; Alemany-Chavarria, M.; Garribba, E.
Chemistry of mixed-ligand oxidovanadium(IV) complexes of aroylhydrazones incorporating quinoline derivatives: Study of solution behavior, theoretical evaluation and protein/DNA interaction 1-gen-2019 Banerjee, A.; Dash, S. P.; Mohanty, M.; Sanna, D.; Sciortino, G.; Ugone, V.; Garribba, E.; Reuter, H.; Kaminsky, W.; Dinda, R.
Biospeciation of Potential Vanadium Drugs of Acetylacetonate in the Presence of Proteins 1-gen-2020 Sciortino, G.; Ugone, V.; Sanna, D.; Lubinu, G.; Ruggiu, S.; Marechal, J. -D.; Garribba, E.
ESI-MS Study of the Interaction of Potential Oxidovanadium(IV) Drugs and Amavadin with Model Proteins 1-gen-2020 Ugone, V.; Sanna, D.; Sciortino, G.; Crans, D. C.; Garribba, E.
Influence of temperature on the equilibria of oxidovanadium(IV) complexes in solution 1-gen-2021 Sanna, Daniele; Lubinu, Giuseppe; Ugone, Valeria; Garribba, Eugenio
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