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Synthesis and characterization of the chemical properties of new classes of NO donors as potential dopamine releasers in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease 1-gen-2011 Sanna, D; Serra, M; DE LUCA, Lidia Vera Giovanna; Porcheddu, A; Garribba, Eugenio; Micera, Giovanni; Abbondio, Marcello; Biosa, A; Rocchitta, Gaia Giovanna Maria; Serra, Pier Andrea; Desole, Ms
Critical comparison of sample preparation strategies for shotgun proteomic analysis of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples: insights from liver tissue. 1-gen-2014 Tanca, A; Abbondio, M; Pisanu, S; Pagnozzi, D; Uzzau, Sergio; Addis, Mf
Differential proteomic analysis of Rhodotorula spp. strains for the identification of enzymes involved in carotenogenesis. 1-gen-2014 Cutzu, R.; Landolfo, S.; Tanca, A.; Abbondio, M.; Addis, M. F.; Uzzau, Sergio; Budroni, Marilena; Mannazzu, Ilaria Maria
Investigation of HER2 expression in canine mammary tumors by antibody-based, transcriptomic and mass spectrometry analysis: is the dog a suitable animal model for human breast cancer? 1-gen-2015 Burrai, Giovanni Pietro; Tanca, A.; DE MIGLIO, Maria Rosaria; Abbondio, M.; Pisanu, S.; Polinas, M.; Pirino, Salvatore; Mohammed, S. I.; Uzzau, Sergio; Addis, M. F.; Antuofermo, Elisabetta
Draft genome sequence of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa, an emergent opportunistic pathogen 1-gen-2015 Deligios, Massimo; Fraumene, C; Abbondio, M; Mannazzu, Ilaria Maria; Tanca, A; Addis, Mf; Uzzau, Sergio
Further insights into Rhodotorula mucilaginosa carotenogenesis through the application of genomic and proteomic approaches. 1-gen-2015 Landolfo, S; Cutzu, R; Tanca, A; Abbondio, M; Addis, Mf; Deligios, M; Uzzau, Sergio; Mulas, G; Budroni, Marilena; Mannazzu, Ilaria Maria
Proteomic analysis of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa: dealing with the issues of a non-conventional yeast. 1-gen-2016 Addis, Mf; Tanca, A; Landolfo, Sara; Abbondio, M; Cutzu, Raffaela; Biosa, G; Pagnozzi, D; Uzzau, Sergio; Mannazzu, Ilaria Maria
Atypical carcinoid and large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung: a proteomic dataset from formalin-fixed archival samples. 1-gen-2016 Tanca, A; Addis, Maria Filippa; Pisanu, Salvatore; Abbondio, Marcello; Pagnozzi, D; Eccher, A; Rindi, G; COSSU ROCCA, Paolo Alessandro; Uzzau, Sergio; Fanciulli, Giuseppe
Proteomic discovery and immunohistochemical validation of glucose metabolism-related enzymes as biomarkers in canine mammary tumours 1-gen-2016 Burrai, Giovanni Pietro; Tanca, A.; Cubeddu, Tiziana; Abbondio, Marcello; Polinas, Marta; Addis, Maria Filippa; Antuofermo, Elisabetta
Multi-omic biogeography of the gastrointestinal microbiota of a pre-weaned lamb 1-gen-2017 Palomba, Antonio; Tanca, Alessandro; Fraumene, Cristina; Abbondio, Marcello; Fancello, Francesco; Atzori, Alberto Stanislao; Uzzau, Sergio
Potential and active functions in the gut microbiota of a healthy human cohort 1-gen-2017 Tanca, Alessandro; Abbondio, Marcello; Palomba, Antonio; Fraumene, Cristina; Manghina, Valeria; Cucca, Francesco; Fiorillo, Edoardo; Uzzau, Sergio
Synthesis of Nitric Oxide Donors Derived from Piloty’s Acid and Study of Their Effects on Dopamine Secretion from PC12 Cells 1-gen-2017 Sanna, Daniele; Rocchitta, Gaia Giovanna Maria; Serra, Maria; Abbondio, Marcello; Serra, Pier Andrea; Migheli, Rossana; DE LUCA, Lidia Vera Giovanna; Garribba, Eugenio; Porcheddu, Andrea
Metaproteogenomics reveals taxonomic and functional changes between cecal and fecal microbiota in mouse 1-gen-2017 Tanca, Alessandro; Manghina, Valeria; Fraumene, Cristina; Palomba, Antonio; Abbondio, Marcello; Deligios, Massimo; Silverman, Michael; Uzzau, Sergio
Diversity and functions of the sheep faecal microbiota: a multi-omic characterization 1-gen-2017 Tanca, Alessandro; Fraumene, Cristina; Manghina, Valeria; Palomba, Antonio; Abbondio, Marcello; Deligios, Massimo; Pagnozzi, Daniela; Addis, Maria Filippa; Uzzau, Sergio
A first immunohistochemistry study of transketolase and transketolase-like 1 expression in canine hyperplastic and neoplastic mammary lesions 1-gen-2017 Burrai, Giovanni Pietro; Tanca, Alessandro; Cubeddu, Tiziana; Abbondio, Marcello; Polinas, Marta; Addis, Maria Filippa; Antuofermo, Elisabetta
Caloric restriction promotes functional changes involving short-chain fatty acid biosynthesis in the rat gut microbiota 1-gen-2018 Tanca, Alessandro; Abbondio, Marcello; Palomba, Antonio; Fraumene, Cristina; Marongiu, Fabio; Serra, Monica; Pagnozzi, Daniela; Laconi, Ezio; Uzzau, Sergio
Caloric restriction promotes rapid expansion and long-lasting increase of Lactobacillus in the rat fecal microbiota 1-gen-2018 Fraumene, Cristina; Manghina, Valeria; Cadoni, Erika; Marongiu, Fabio; Abbondio, Marcello; Serra, Monica; Palomba, Antonio; Tanca, Alessandro; Laconi, Ezio; Uzzau, Sergio
Metaproteogenomic analyses of the gut microbiota in human and animal models: identification of changes induced by special diets in health and disease 1-feb-2018 Abbondio, Marcello
Biofilm production, quorum sensing system and analysis of virulence factors of Staphylococcus epidermidis collected from sheep milk samples 1-gen-2019 Abbondio, Marcello; Fois, Ilenia; Longheu, Carla Maria; Azara, Elisa; Tola, Sebastiana
Fecal metaproteomic analysis reveals unique changes of the gut microbiome functions after consumption of sourdough Carasau bread 1-gen-2019 Abbondio, M.; Palomba, A.; Tanca, A.; Fraumene, C.; Pagnozzi, D.; Serra, M.; Marongiu, Francesco; Laconi, Ezio; Uzzau, S.
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